The Four Most Important Stretches to do Every Day

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The Four Most Important Stretches to do Every Day

We get it – stretch breaks are important. If you work at a desk, use the Internet, and have a neck (or any combination of the three), you know this.   But…do you DO it?   It’s not easy to tear yourself away from the screen. You can try setting an hourly reminder, creating office-wide Continue Reading

FitBits, MyFitnessPal, and Other Gizmos – Our Take on Tracking

Technology is pretty cool. Because of technology, we can locate long lost friends and go on vacation without getting lost. A quick internet search yields countless recipes for healthy lemon squares. We have white noise apps to help us sleep, productivity apps to help us work smarter, and shopping apps to help us spend money. Continue Reading

This post was originally published at my website,, on June 11th, 2015. It’s the closest I’ve ever come to “going viral,” with over 200 hits on my site. I’ve received a really positive, personal response from friends, clients, and even some strangers – and I wanted to share it with my AFF family. I’ve Continue Reading

Have the Best Fourth Ever with Our Healthy Tips!

Set scene: Sam sits down at a coffee shop and prepares to write a 4th of July post for the people. She looks around and notices that the lady across from her has her four little toenails painted in alternating red and white, with the big toenail painted blue…with stars. Sam can’t decide if this Continue Reading