Five Things to Try if You’re Allergic to Spring

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Five Things to Try if You’re Allergic to Spring

  Little story: When I first moved to Asheville from Boston, it was like a nature bomb went off and littered my world with dandelions, ferns, poison ivy, and kudzu. (And bugs.)   Mostly, I loved it. The air smelled so clean! I could see green everywhere I looked! And since I moved in the Continue Reading

Vote for AFF!

It’s that time again – the ballots are open for the Mt. Xpress’ Best of WNC. There have been some changes. For one thing, every category is write-in this year. We’re not sure what that means for the winners, but it will definitely make the voting process faster. You just vote for what you want! Continue Reading

Why Steady State Cardio is Still Good For You

Fitness blogs (including this one) are always touting the benefits of heavier weights, high intensity interval workouts, and myofascial release (a.k.a. foam rolling). It seems our old friend – the long, steady-paced cardio workout – has fallen out of favor. Which is bad news for all you book-reading elliptical lovers. While it’s true that steady-state cardio Continue Reading