Cleanses & Detox Diets: How to Do It

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Cleanses & Detox Diets: How to Do It

Last week, we talked about the WHY of cleanses. Giving the body a break from its 2015-standard-American-diet overload of toxicity, and reaping all these benefits: Increased energy Deep, restorative sleep Better mental clarity & focus Clearer, glowing skin Bright white eyes Shiny hair & stronger fingernails Calmer emotions Smoother digestion Reduced or eliminated cravings Detachment Continue Reading

The “Ins & Outs” of Detox Diets

I have a personal theory, that doesn’t seem to have caught on yet: February is the absolute best month to do a dietary cleanse.   You come out of the holidaze, bumble through a few weeks of erratic self-improvement, and THEN you’re ready for business.   Let me break it down:   January is usually Continue Reading

Merry New Year! What’s Coming in 2015

Whoa – 2015. Growing up, I thought we’d all have hover-boots and teleportation skills by now.   But I guess handheld computers, video phone calls, and online shopping are pretty cool too.   And it IS getting pretty futuristic at Asheville Family Fitness this year. Check out all the changes coming your way:   Our Continue Reading