Happy Holidays from all of us at AFF!

Monthly Archives: December 2014

The Christmas Cookie Survival Guide

OMG, you would not believe how many cookies we have at AFF right now.   I know – it’s a healthy place, right? A place where people come to exercise. To learn to take better care of themselves. We have a health coach (yours truly), who blathers on about healthy eating…ALL THE TIME. Our entire Continue Reading

Healthy, No-Fuss Potluck Ideas

Last night, I talked to four lovely ladies about the holidays. Specifically, how I tweak and modify ingredients so that I, healthy Sam, can participate and enjoy all of the season’s delights – without wrecking my digestion, sleep, moods, and energy.   If you missed it, stay tuned, because I’m in recipe-sharing mode for the Continue Reading

Healthy Holidays Monday December 8th!

This Monday I’m hosting a Healthy Holidays pop-up class.   It’s not a workout.   It’s not the same old tips and tricks for surviving the holidays. (Chew slowly, take walks, don’t fill up on appetizers, blah blah blah.)   It’s not a secret ploy to take all the “fun” out of your favorite dishes. Continue Reading