Weight Loss 101: The Exercise Equation

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Weight Loss 101: The Exercise Equation

Less food + More activity There you have it – the long-accepted formula for how to lose weight. In other words, fewer calories in, more calories burned. Hundreds of weight loss programs on the market are founded on this basic equation – and they DON’T WORK. Not in the long term, anyway. For one thing, Continue Reading

Weight Loss 101: Surprising Ways to Manage Your Blood Sugar

  Last week, we covered the importance of blood sugar in a successful weight loss program. Today, I’m going to share a few practical tips to manage your blood sugar.   This is all part of our September Weight Loss month, which culminates with the kickoff of the Find Your Fit 2014 Weight Loss Challenge, Continue Reading

Weight Loss 101: Why your blood sugar matters

  At AFF, we don’t obsess over the scale, count calories, or structure our workouts around “burning off” what you ate last night.   This is why you love us, right? It’s all about living your strongest, healthiest life. Managing (or reducing, or eliminating) pain. Feeling good. Enjoying exercise.   We stand by this. But Continue Reading