Maximize Your Workout With Interval Training

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Maximize Your Workout With Interval Training

In the mix of present-day workout trends, High Intensity Interval Training (aka HIIT training, aka Interval Training) has been growing in popularity in every corner of the fitness world.  This isn’t much of a surprise; interval training is an efficient way for you to maximize your workout in a relatively short amount of time. The Continue Reading

Loosen Up!

Want to get more flexible? Of course you do – improving your flexibility helps alleviate (and prevent) back and neck pain. It helps you stay in a better mood because your muscles don’t hoard so much tension. And it’s absolutely vital to your workout efficiency. Flexible muscles move better, which means better form & execution. Continue Reading

Self Myofascial Release – We All Love To Hate It

Some of you have tried it, some are addicted to it, and some avoid it with a fiery passion.  Either way, self myofascial release (or foam rolling) is an excellent method of improving the health and mobility of your joints and muscles. Self myofascial release is just a fancy way of saying “self-massage”.  It can Continue Reading

A Good Warmup Goes A Long Way

We all know that injuries are no fun.  If you’ve been active for any significant length of time, whether it’s participating in sports, outdoor activities, or just exercise at your local gym, you probably have experienced an injury in some capacity. How to avoid getting injured    How does one avoid the pulled muscles and Continue Reading

And the winner is…

Congratulations to Amanda and Sarah, the rockstars behind The Fab Four’s landslide win of Slim It to Win It! The team won the competition with a combined loss of 9% body fat, and it all came from these two. In second place was Networking it Out, with a combined loss of 6.6%. Third place winners, Continue Reading