Gluten Free? Dairy Free? Vegetarian? How ’bout all of the above.

Monthly Archives: March 2014

3 Quick Vegetarian Recipes

Even if you’re not a full-on vegetarian, you can benefit from meatless meals throughout the week. Animal protein is difficult for your belly to break down, and excess meat can contribute to inflammatory conditions like arthritis, skin problems, and poor digestion. Evaluate the amount of animal protein in your diet – including eggs and dairy Continue Reading

The Mother of All Healthy Snack Lists

This month, I’m taking recipe requests. Quite a few of you have asked for snack ideas, so I’m sharing several of my favorites. But first, some general snacking tips: Never underestimate the power of simplicity. Carrot/celery/bell pepper sticks can be really satisfying by themselves. Usually, the “hungry” you feel is disproportionate to the amount of Continue Reading

Change Your Mornings, Change Your Life.

Are you a morning person? Up and at ’em, ready to face the day? Or are mornings a hectic dash of coffee, splashing water on your face, wrangling children, and rushing out the door five minutes late? Either way, check out these four quick and healthy breakfasts. They all come together in less than ten Continue Reading