Mediterranean Meatballs

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Mediterranean Meatballs

Sometimes you want to make something fancy for dinner to impress your honey, or your friends, or yourself. (“These are some delicious meatballs, Self! You’re awesome!” Whatever. I do that.) But you don’t have a lot of time or patience to sift through a million internet recipes. And you don’t care to dissect the ingredients, wondering Continue Reading

What to do when you’ve been eating a bunch of JUNK.

It happens. You’re going along, eating your greens and feeling great…and then, PIZZA! It seems like a special treat, and you deserve it. (No argument here, by the way. I like pizza too.) You feel alright, so you rationalize some other treat – like chocolate, or cake, or more cheese. Then you decide since the Continue Reading

Does Fat Make You Fat?

Short answer: nope! Long answer: Dietary fat (the fat you eat), and body fat (love handles) are not the same thing.  The medical and nutrition communities have been saying for years that saturated fat is linked to obesity and coronary artery disease.  The weight loss community, which is firmly rooted in Calories In/Calories Out, also Continue Reading

Need motivation? Try this.

It’s February, otherwise known as national falling-off-the-wagon-and-abandoning-your-new-years-resolutions month. In January, the spirit of change courses through our culture. A fresh start, New year, new you. This comes on the heels of the decadent, hectic, stressful holiday season, and most of you are itching to get into (or back into) a sane, healthy routine. But January Continue Reading