“I Just Want to Tone Up”

Monthly Archives: January 2014

“I Just Want to Tone Up”

Sound familiar? It’s one of the most common fitness goals among new (and current) gym members, especially women. If this is your goal, you probably have an idea of what it looks like. Less flab, arm muscles that stand out (but not too much), a belly that’s firm, and a non-saggy butt. Right? You also Continue Reading

Five Myths about Obesity & Weight Loss

Last week the Washington Post published an article entitled¬†Five Myths about Obesity, by Deborah Cohen. Below, see the article’s main points, along with my own two cents (’cause you know I can’t keep quiet about these things). Note: I put her words in quotes, even though I rearranged some of her sentence arrangement for brevity’s Continue Reading

New Year’s Weight Loss Group

Feeling a little sluggish after the holiday season? Sam is here to save the day! January is a natural time for a renewed commitment to health and well-being. Take advantage of the “New Year’s Resolution” momentum by committing to this four-week wellness series. Each week, you’ll learn about a specific topic related to wellness – Continue Reading

The Last Salad Recipe You’ll Ever Need. Period.

I know the big Foodie holidays are over, but I have one last recipe to share. This is a fancy crowd-pleaser that’s very easy to make. It’s super impressive without being overly fussy. It also just HAPPENS to look very festive this time of year, but you can make this salad anytime. Bring this salad Continue Reading