Post-Workout Nutrition

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Post-Workout Nutrition

People are always asking us what to eat after a workout. Someone, somewhere, starting telling everyone that chocolate milk was an ideal recovery drink, and everybody jumped for joy. And it is a great recovery drink, but there’s a catch: you actually have to DO a workout challenging enough to merit recovery. There’s a lot Continue Reading

Great Grains

“Whole grains” have become a marketing buzzword for products like cereal, bread and crackers. Stroll down the supermarket aisles and you’ll find hundreds of products that claim to be “Made with whole grains!” Why all this hubbub about whole grains? Whole grains are a great source of minerals (such as manganese and iron), fiber and Continue Reading

Parent / Baby pool water classes have started!

February is Family month at Asheville Family Fitness and we’ve started a pregnancy core/tone water class that’s great for soon to be moms to keep in shape. Giving birth can be one of the most physically demanding and exhausting events a woman will ever go through. It requires an incredible amount of stamina & perseverance Continue Reading

This one goes out to all the baby mamas

Pretty much everybody would like more energy, flexibility and core strength. But for pregnant women, these ideas take on another dimension. A strong core, for example, can help with every aspect of pregnancy and childbirth — reduced back pain, easier delivery, quicker recovery. Newly pregnant women (especially if it’s your first time) are especially concerned Continue Reading

Date/nut Balls

I wish there was something else to call these, but “round things rolled in coconut” just doesn’t flow. I suppose you could make them into squares if you wanted. These are great for a post-workout snack – they’ve got everything you need (carbs, protein, fat), very little sweetener, and they taste amazing. Plus they’re quick Continue Reading