5 Things a good Functional Movement Exercise MUST include!

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5 Things a good Functional Movement Exercise MUST include!

1. Multiple plane, multiple direction movement: We don’t go around moving in robotic ways do we? Why would you train your body that way? Simply doing push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, even burpies is not enough… diagonals, horizontals, and rotations must be included to be a good “functional movement” exercise. 2. Core muscle activation: “Core” is such Continue Reading

Listen to 98.1 the River & Ipod giveaway!

Check out the Asheville Family Fitness radio ad on 98.1 the River- in case you haven’t heard it…they did a great job! Hilarious! There’s more to come, including an “Ipod a day” giveaway. That’s right, we’re going to be giving away 4 ipod nanos sometime between now and just after the new year-all you have Continue Reading

Calm, cool, and collected…

This is how I would describe Lisa, the Asheville Family Fitness, Physical Therapy & Spine Clinic office manager. Even though she’s fairly new to the job, she is handling the chaos with amazing composure. Not only is she new to the rehabilitation and insurance side of things, but she’s come on just before our big Continue Reading