Gym Equipment Ready!

Monthly Archives: October 2012

Gym Equipment Ready!

Well, the gym equipment is in and ready to go! Unfortunately, the flooring crew has come up a bit short in materials and will need to order more, which delays us a week….aarrggg, the frustrations of new construction! We have begun moving furniture, computers, and other equipment in, so once the flooring is finished, we Continue Reading

First Equipment Mounted!

Carpet is in, lights are on, and the first equipment of our FUNctional Group Fitness training area is up! We have 4 fully adjustable weight stack single pulleys that are just the beginning of our functional training wall, which will also have Rip 60 (TRX-type) suspension training bands, sport cords, and much more!

Our Gentle Giant!

Ok, I know he’s sick of the tall comments and questions, but the guy is 6’8″ and has hands to match. I’m talking about  Andrew Roth, Physical ‘Therapist Assistant, our newest clinician. I first met Andrew as a patient and then later as a student of mine during his PTA program at Southwestern Community College Continue Reading